These days, to stand out from the crowd with your rebel style and troublemaker personality, you actually don’t have to own a punk mohawk haircut or scream whenever you hear Sex Pistols record playing. Not at all.

What you might need though is a worn biker jacket, a casual tee, fishnet tights, heavy lace-up boots, chunky accessories, safety pins everywhere, and, on the top of that, – messy hair like you don’t care, massive black eyeliner, somewhat indifferent look in the eyes… – and yes! – Here comes the true punk girl who’s totally in love with her own uniqueness and rebelmind attitude!

Hey people, don’t be so serious and boring. Instead, be free, act wild, stay true to your beliefs and always trust your inner you – that’s essential.

And remember – punk is not just clothes. Punk is a state of mind.